Continental automotive / Predistic

‘Simeon is great at supporting the team in organising and monitoring of all tasks, without being annoying. Manages to work well with everybody, even with difficult team members. Leads the team deeply into Agile to reach the full potential and benefits even when there is not enough support from our side (the team).’
G. Petrov


‘Simeon really helped us organise our backlog in clean and efficient manner. Supporting the external team of developers to deliver the functionalities quickly and efficiently was really appreciated.’
L. Peake

Digital Life Sciences

‘Simeon has an unnerving knack of being bright eyed and bushy tailed first thing on a Monday morning and manages to keep an up-beat attitude all through the week. He is totally focused on the job and has a fine attention to detail. He will always deliver thoroughly because he won't let things slip.’
Jo Ind

Slivers of Time Ltd 

‘Simeon has a meticulous attention to detail in his work, he "feels the pain" of a user faced with the slightest inconsistency or inconvenience in screen designs. He is thorough and equally clear in his attention to detail in logging any issues that need attention.’
W. Rowan


'Simeon is very professional, he accepts his work seriously and carries it out with responsibility for resources and deadlines. He is proactive, generates ideas and manages to realize them in practice. We have granted him couple of times recognition for well done work and most delivered projects for a certain period.'
I. Avramova

Hostway Corporation

‘Simeon was a key contributor in the deployment of a Global B2B web development team. Simeon provided consultative technical services to help SMB's get professional and effective business websites through development and live on the web. Simeon handle his book of business with precision and was able to excel in both production, quality and satisfaction dimensions as a result.’
C. Berno

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