About Me

I coach, train and influence Agile and Scrum teams to deliver digital projects efficiently, while staying interested and motivated.

Coming from a project management career path I fell in love with Agile and dedicated my time and energy to evangalise and promote it as ‘the better way’ to develop, adjust, deliver and satisfy the customer. I used to live and work for clients in the UK but I decided to return to Sofia, Bulgaria and support the IT society here.

I am a Certified scrum master and PRINCE2 practitioner, and what I value particularly is my experience gained while working with different clients and teams all over the world. I work with start-ups and within corporate environment equally well.

For me it is important to offer precise solutions fitting the needs of my client and I don’t believe in using the ‘one size fit all’ approach.

I help companies adopt Agile practices in order to:
  • Significantly reduce the time to market and release the top priority items in week/s compared to months or even years
  • Be flexible, respond quickly to customer needs and adapt to change on a daily basis
  • Keep everybody within the team happy, highly motivated and collaborative

I am currently training, coaching and supporting software teams and business units to be Agile, using a mixture of Scrum, XP and Lean Kanban. I work with both ‘new to Agile teams’ and teams doing Agile, but experiencing difficulties with the application of Scrum/XP/Kanban.

I would be glad to help you and your teams in your Agile journey. Please set-up a free initial session by dropping me an e-mail using 

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