Friday, 28 October 2016

Yulian Tonkin - personal development untour (24, 25 OCT)

“You either grow, or die”

It was cool. The stuff to share/remember/do…

Day 1: self-development
  • Use your body to study better. Use your voice when you read
  • Jump/move/stretch yourself to get energized and engaged
  • Emotions are controlled by movement
  • Surprise yourself
  • Be like a child/learn like a child/move like a child – let the curiosity create new experience
  • Change the container – move people around. Change/remove comfort zone

Find and achieve your mission / vision / goal
You have 99 days to try and achieve it. 3 days to find it. 3 days to organize it (strategy). 90 days – action / action / action. 3 days to analyze the experience and adjust. Commit yourself entirely.
  • Step 1: Clarity – find what your mission / vision / goal is – 3 days
  • Step 2: Strategy (saves time – compress years to days) – 3 days
  • Step 3: Action – 90 days
  • Step 4: Analysis - 3 days

Use your brain properly
  • Ask high quality questions – the skill to control your inner voice
  • We attract people possessing the same inner dialogue
  • The quality of the questions we ask our brain determines the quality of our life

  • Find somebody who achieved your dream well and investigate
  • Incorporate what you like from them
  • Who do you want to look like?
  • Who do you envy?
  • Who do you admire?
  • You see only stuff/qualities familiar to you
  • Your qualities are your basic characteristics – determine what you inclinations are
  • Your skills will achieve your dreams
  • You need to master your skills

Day 2: money
  • Think of money as soldiers
  • The soldiers (money) obey entirely and fulfil our desires
  • The soldiers (money) never sleep, never eat, don’t even exist
  • Accumulate soldiers (money) by saving at least 10% of your income

When one encounters Container / Environment, the possible actions are
  1. To change it
  2. To use it as advantage
  3. To ignore it
  4. To do nothing, but just complain how bad it is
  • Invest in only what you understand
  • Minimize the risk
  • Never bankrupt – divide your wealth and always have reserve
  • Use the other half of your soldiers to grow – invest wisely (property, land, loans)

Celebrate life – it is too short

“Nobody learns more than the person on the stage”

Video channel (in Bulgarian): Yuli Tonkin Youtube

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